Why our Sunscreen?

Not just a sunscreen

One of the first questions that comes to the mind of people who want protection from the sun is, why should I buy this particular sunscreen?
So let us tell you some of the reasons why our product is quite unique across the world.

Plant OIl Based, not Water (Emulsion) based

This is a special property of our sunscreen which really makes it a rare find. But what is so special about this/ There are number of key reasons why it puts our sunscreen well above the rest of the pack. Our skin is naturally water replying. In This is actually a very good thing. If it wasn’t the case, we would all need to go running if there was a heavy downpour and taking a bath would be a potentially fatal exercise. Our bodies are designed to keep the saline nutrient rich body fluids in and external water sources out. However, plant oils are actually absorbed. Our skin actually likes plant oils and sucks them in. -technically speaking, our skin is lipophilic (lipid-loving). So when we put plant oils on, they get absorbed to bring in the nourishing oils. However, not all oils are equal. Our selection is very carefully chosen to try and bring maximum benefit to the most people.
By contrast, water based emulsions try to overcome the naturally reeling action of the skin by breaking down the surface tension of the water using surfactants. Unfortunately these are generally harmful, some actually carcinogenic. Additionally, water based products need to have preservatives because otherwise bacteria and moulds will start to grow in them. Our product doesn’t need any of that because the water-free (anhydrous) nature of product combined with the naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal nature essential oils mean that no bacteria or mould really stands a chance. Finally, water based products need emulsifiers to try and bind the water and oils in the products to get a smooth mix. that does not separate. Our product doesn’t need those either.

Our product goes into the skin

Because our product is lipophilic, it effectively penetrates the outer layers of the skin. Once there, it cannot wash off or towel off. Not only that, but it adheres to the skin even before absorbing. You could even apply it under water! Were you to try that with an emulsion product, it would simply float away.

Natural Ingredients

Wherever possible we use natural ingredients. This is part of our philosophy as a company. Why? Because natural ingredients contain a lot of of extra ingredients over and above the primary “active” ingredients which give a safe environment in which the actives can work. This means a lt less side effects thatn the synthetics people are normally exposed to. Also, the plant world has a vast array of healing agents which we are really only beginning to get to grips with. More and more, scientists are looking towards plants for their healing powers, reversing the trend of a couple of generations of “we can do better than nature” attitudes. This intellectual arrogance has done great harm to our people.